Angela M.
Mountain View, CA
When asking around for real estate agent recommendations, two people I know recommended Tuan.  (True to Rob's review, he does recommend Tuan to all of his friends!)

My husband and I purchased a townhouse in a new development in Mountain View.  Some people think you don't need an agent when purchasing a new home, but Tuan's great attitude, experience, patience, and follow through were invaluable to us…  
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Danny H.
San Jose, CA
As time flew by and the market crashed, My two loans exceeded the price of my house. I was about to forclose it until I spoke to Tuan. He met me on my time and helped me work through it when a family friend couldn't pull it off. Tuan explained all the pro's and con's of a forclosure and a short sale to my understanding. He then made some calls and after some brainstorming, he negotiated my 2nd loan with Chase to close my loan at a very,very considerable price!!...   read more »
Van H.
Fremont, CA
We worked with Tuan to sell our home in Fremont during one of the busiest times to sell when the Fed and CA credits were about to expire and are now working with him on the search for our new home in San Jose. Tuan is an AMAZING agent to work with! Selfishly, we wanted to keep Tuan a secret but so many have given him praise it's too late! So we want to contribute to the Yelp community and tell you some more things about Tuan and his associates and our experience:..   read more »
Paul C.
San Jose, CA
To me, finding a Realtor is like finding a doctor......you need to find someone who is specialized, knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy, available and is there to help you.

Tuan came as a highly recommended referral from family and friends who have used his services in both buyer and seller transactions. I enlisted the services of Tuan to assist with the short sale of my condo. My situation was a bit complicated and difficult to work with because not only did I have a 1st mortgage with CitiMortgage and a 2nd mortgage with Chase, but I also had a collection agency in the picture…
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Allison L.
San Jose, CA
I was so lucky to have been referred to Tuan from my friend.  Tuan is very knowledgeable, resourceful, patient, honest and a strong negotiator and this is what you need in a realtor.

We needed to sell our condo asap because we made an offer on a home.  Our condo complex was not FHA approved and Tuan was instrumental in working the process with our HOA to get our condo complex FHA approved so that we can get a bigger pool of offers.  Tuan worked tirelessly, and did 4 open homes for us and within a couple weeks got it sold!  He made us feel comfortable throughout the process and eased a lot of our concerns…  
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Linda P.
San Jose, CA
Tuan is the nicest, most patient person you'll ever meet...and when you're in the market for a new house, patience is what you'll need! Tuan worked with us for over six months before closing on our house.  From the get-go, he was very pro-active about sending us listings of homes we might be interested in viewing. Being first-time homebuyers, Tuan walked us through the entire process and took the time to address any of our questions and concerns along the way… read more »
Yvonne T.
Oakland, CA
"What's in a real estate agent? That which we call thoughtful, By any other name would be just as sweet."
That's right. That's how professional and thoughtful Tuan was in talking to me and my dad about the potentials of a short sale…  
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Rob R.
San Carlos, CA

Tuan has got to be one of the most patient and understanding people on the planet.  After helping us with 11 offers as well as 1 withdrawn offer, Tuan was still always responsible and highly responsive to our requests. Tuan also provided plenty of information on houses, valuation, and area statistics as well as his personal opinion of houses.  His knowledge and experience is impressive. In addition, Tuan used his fantastic connections to help us with the mortgage process.  …  
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Richard H.
San Jose, CA
Tuan is the MAN!  He got us a great deal on our condo, helping us through the entire process.  No matter how angry my wife and I got with the home-buying process, he understood and went to bat for us.  He takes charge, explains the process clearly and effectively and is just an all around great guy to deal with.…   read more »
Sabrina Y.
San Jose, CA
I am currently sitting on my couch in my brand new, beautiful condo and I owe it all to Tuan. I would have never thought I would be able to buy a place so early out of school. I had no clue where to start in terms of finding a place or how much I could realistically spend but a friend introduced me to Tuan and he took care of everything. He really is the epitome of customer service! I am currently working as a resident 80hrs/week and it was definitely challenging to find time for all the meetings and all the paperwork but he always made time for me when I had a spare moment. He came up with a list of places that were within my price-range and I was very pleased to see that he had great relations and pull with the sellers.

He is very professional and organized and keeps you up to date on the progress on things by email/phone calls. He even made lists of things-to-do when I thought I was about to lose it over all the documents that need to be submitted. Most importantly: Tuan is not just an excellent real estate agent. He is a great person who you will enjoy working with.…  
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Lucy P.
San Jose, CA
Tuan's an extremely good real estate agent. He made purchasing my first home incredibly easy! For example, Tuan did price comparisons around the area I was looking at to make sure I was getting a good deal. He was also very flexible with my schedule. No matter the time of day, I was always able to get a hold of him. Even though I'm sure he was busy with many other clients, he always made it feel as if I was his only customer. Even now that I've purchased my home, I know that I can still count on Tuan for any real estate questions/advice.…   read more »
Catphuong N.
San Jose, CA
Just recently, my husband and I found our dream home, all to the help of Tuan who have been such a wonderful agent and friend. Tuan is so different then any other agents whom we have met. We couldn't be more happy and lucky to have met him. He is one of the most down to earth agent who makes you feel comfortable and at ease with information we need and questions we ask. We were totally nervous in finding a home, and let me tell you, it was not easy in finding one!  Tuan's a patient agent who is very informative,  truly listens to our needs, and has guided us  in finding our home. He's someone who doesn't pressure us buying anything we didn't want…   read more »
Lissette R.
San Jose, CA
Tuan and Randy are an amazing team of realtors.  We were a nervous reck in 2008 buying our first home. In this economy we each day brought new challenges to our search.  Tuan was patient, kind and truly listened to our needs…   read more »
Neelam M.
Milpitas, CA
Tuan is not only a good friend but is also a wonderful and caring realtor.  I never felt pressured to buy anything I didn't want. Buying a first home is a huge step in life, Tuan made me feel comfortable and stress-free by answering all my questions appropriately with lots of patience. I trusted him tremendously (difficult to do these days), so much so that I left to Australia and had him close the deal …   read more »
Steve W.
Palo Alto, CA
We've used many Realtors over the years and none have come even close to Tuan's professionalism, ability to negotiate the best prices for our houses and to deliver accurate documentation.  
Tuan sold two houses for us. One was a rental property in San Jose and the other was an Eichler personal residence in Palo Alto. Before Tuan, another Realtor had the contract for 3 months to sell the rental in San Jose, and he wasn't able to sell it. Tuan was able to sell it within a few weeks and he was able to create a win-win situation for buyer and seller through his negotiation skills…    
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Binh D.
San Jose, CA
Tuan has been my real estate agent since 2005.  He help my family purchase the home of our dreams. Tuan is a real professional.  The amount of information he gave us answered all of our questions and even some answered some of the questions we did not have yet.  Tuan has many attributes, his knowledge about the real estate market, his level of service, and negotiation experience…   read more »
Ray C.
San Jose, CA
Tuan is the most knowledgeable real estate professional I have come across, both with respect to the market, and the home buying process.  I bought my first home in the Bay Area last year, leveraging his experience and service, and I'm not sure I could've done it without him…   read more »
Shannon T.
Fremont, CA
Tuan has been our real estate agent since our first home in 2003.  He is absolutely above phenomenal. Tuan is with us every step of the way, he made multiple visits to our house to make sure we staged everything perfectly and is the best person to calm your nerves during one of the most stressful times of your life - house buying/selling.  He was also there to supervise the home inspections and the repairs!!
We recently sold our Fremont house for above asking price and within a week of listing! …  
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