Brian L.
Fremont, CA
When it came to making offers on houses, Randy was always spot on for what the houses ended up selling for -- quite a trick given that we were looking in a neighborhood with unstable/falling prices and very few sales to provide comps. In the end we found a home we love much faster than we expected in this market, got what we feel was a very good price, and didn't have to spend more than we were comfortable with…   read more »
Teresa F.
Milpitas, CA
Randy Rullamas has been a wonderful realtor and I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for someone Knowledgeable and Trustworthy. We have talked with other realtors in the past - who seem more like used car salesmen.........just interested in the sale. Randy on the other hand truly seemed to care and instead of selling - he always kept our best interest at heart…   read more »
Bavyaa V.
San Jose, CA
Randy is a great guy! He is easy to work with, understands what you are looking for and never pushes you to a decision. If you are a first time homebuyer , with very less real estate knowledge , Randy is the guy for you!!!…   read more »
Andrew T.
San Jose, CA
Randy is very knowledgeable in many areas from loans, first time homebuyer programs, market research and contracts. We were happy that he was on our side! Not to mention that he was very instrumental in the negotiation process and we were very happy with the outcome. I would work with Randy again in a heartbeat if I ever need his help   read more »
Sanny M.
Milpitas, CA
Because of his professionalism, years of experience, and his excellent marketing strategies, he took us from thinking we might end up foreclosing our home to selling our home for a profit. This is very rare but it did happen to us. We couldn't thank him enough…   read more »
Yang L.
San Jose, CA
We highly recommend Randy's service as a realtor. He is very professional, knowledgeable, honest, hard-working, always responds in time, and most importantly, he gets the deal done. I would definitely use his service again and recommend him to our friends…   read more »
Timothy Y.
Fremont, CA
As a first-time home owner, I was very inexperienced and had no idea what questions to ask or what problems to check the house for. Randy practically hand-held me and was always there to ask questions and make sure I was not getting any less than what I was paying for. I would recommend Randy to anybody looking for a realtor, and will definitely go back to him for my future needs…   read more »
Rowann T.
Elk Grove, CA
We recently just closed out the short sale of our townhouse in Union City. The process was long and scary but Randy has made it all possible. He never made any promises but always delivered. We definitely recommend Randy to anybody anytime…   read more »
Jeff L.
Sunnyvale, CA
He's extremely knowledgeable, well organized, and does detailed research. He provides excellent service, with constant communication, and is very reliable. I would definitely work with him again in the future and have already recommended him to a few friends…   read more »
Christian E.
Elk Grove, CA
He leverages the use of technology to help his clients understand the process and market conditions. He is definitely a Realtor that cares about his customers. I have recommended Randy to my associates and friends. They all came back with great remarks…   read more »
Alan L.
Milpitas, CA
Being a first time home buyer everything was pretty much a foreign language to me and I had millions of questions but Randy took his time and explained everything in terms I could understand so that I knew exactly what was going on…   read more »
Lyly N.
San Ramon, CA
Most realtors,  when a purchaser is buying a new home from a builder will just take the commission check and leave, Randy stood by us throw every step of the way…   read more »
Andrew B.
San Ramon, CA
He provided us with the research and options, and let us decide what was best for us.  There was never any pressure to make a hasty decision…   read more »
Alexander E.
Sunnyvale, CA
Randy made everything as easy as possible.  He gave me regular updates and all the available options for a home buyer.  I couldn't ask for a better agent…   read more »
Sanny M.
Milpitas, CA
Randy made our first home buying experience extremely wonderful.  Yes, wonderful...because his professionalism and experience had made our transaction so smooth!!!!   It was one step after the next without any drawbacks!  I am still amazed at how smooth sailing our home buying experience was…   read more »
John E.
San Jose, CA
After dealing with other realtors, Randy showed us exactly what customer service was. He was always on time and flexible with our schedule. The break down of how the housing market works could not have been explained any better…   read more »
Natalie G.
San Jose, CA
Making a long story  "somewhat" short Randy ended up becoming my realtor on my 1st home purchase and I must say how lucky I feel to have crossed paths with him…   read more »
Ryan C.
Milpitas, CA
Randy Rullamas is an amazing agent.  He has unparalleled knowledge not only of the market, but also trends, buyer assistant programs and all of the loan processes.  He is a one stop shop for all your Real Estate needs…   read more »
David R.
Milpitas, CA
I didn't need to ask for his help, and never have to wait for his response, because he always let me know in advance what I should do next, and he was always with me to go over the negotiations, and other complicate procedures. Both me and my wife are very happy with our new home…   read more »
Sarah C.
Fremont, CA
As a first time home buyer, we had never-ending-questions about the process and uncertainties going into this. Luckily our friend referred us to Randy and he was able to explain the entire process professionally and in terms we could understand…   read more »
Henry N.
San Jose, CA
We were not disappointed with Randy.  He was extremely helpful with his thorough insight of the market.  He provided us with facts rather than personal opinions.  He looked out for our best interest instead of scoring another close…   read more »
Erica A.
Hayward, CA
They do their research! Another thing that appealed to me was their lack of pushiness. Everything was on our timing and our decisions, no pressure…   read more »
Jane C.
San Jose, CA
We had so many questions for Randy, and he responded to all of our question in a quick and timely manner.  We are happy to have chosen him as our realtor…   read more »
Stan Y.
Alameda, CA
I was a first time home buyer so basically I didn't know what I was really doing. He was very helpful and explained to me what every step of the process was…   read more »
Kenny Y.
San Jose, CA
Randy committed numerous contributions such as lowering the asking price on my house, scheduled inspections and proactively worked with the seller and the bank; all without me making a single request…   read more »
Rowann T.
Elk Grove, CA
Some realtors will just tell you what they think will make you buy quicker, not Randy. He even got the price lowered (he did this without us asking him to --- which was great testament to how trustworthy he is and the kind of person he is)…   read more »
Josephine A.
San Jose, CA
We were planning just to rent but our angel realtor (Randy) do something and find us a lender that we qualified…   read more »
Ronnie D.
San Jose, CA
To you Randy, our never ending Thanks. More Power and keep up the very good job you've chosen to do because it's make us,  your client,  feel content, feel comfortable working and knowing people like you who works honest, straight forward and fair.…   read more »
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