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Disclosure FilesDateFile Size
 1. Sellers Affidavit of Non-Foreign Status (FIRPTA).pdf   2017-03-30 19:44:57226 Kb
 2. Sellers Affidavit of Non-Foreign Status (FIRPTA).pdf   2017-03-30 19:45:20225 Kb
 Affiliated Business Disclosure Statement.pdf   2017-03-30 19:45:45437 Kb
 Buyers Inspection Elections.pdf   2017-03-30 19:45:54131 Kb
 Carbon Monoxide Detector Notice.pdf   2017-03-30 19:46:15170 Kb
 Environmental Hazards Booklet Receipt.pdf   2017-03-30 19:46:3366 Kb
 Home Inspection by HomeGuard.pdf   2017-03-31 15:39:271,232 Kb
 Lead Based Paint Hazard Disclosure.pdf   2017-03-30 19:47:06198 Kb
 Market Conditions Advisory.pdf   2017-03-30 19:47:35203 Kb
 Megan’s Law Database Disclosure.pdf   2017-03-30 19:47:54166 Kb
 Mold_Disclosure.pdf   2017-03-30 19:48:09220 Kb
 Natural Hazards Disclosure by JCP.pdf   2017-03-31 17:18:001,162 Kb
 Natural Hazards Disclosure by JCP_Signature Pages.pdf   2017-03-31 17:09:34247 Kb
 PRDS - As Is Addendum.pdf   2017-04-04 12:52:4945 Kb
 Preliminary Title Report by ORTC.pdf   2017-03-30 19:48:21290 Kb
 Purchase Offer Cover Sheet.pdf   2017-03-30 19:52:0577 Kb
 Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS).pdf   2017-03-30 19:48:571,059 Kb
 Receipt for Disclosures and Advisories Form.pdf   2017-04-04 12:54:32180 Kb
 Roof Inspection Report by HomeGuard.pdf   2017-03-30 19:49:21868 Kb
 Roofing Estimate from TD Roofing.pdf   2017-04-03 22:16:04554 Kb
 Sellers Property Questionnaire (SPQ).pdf   2017-03-30 19:49:551,428 Kb
 Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory.pdf   2017-03-30 19:50:35308 Kb
 Termite Inspection Report by HomeGuard.pdf   2017-03-30 19:51:03553 Kb
 Water Heater and Smoke Detector Statement of Compliance.pdf   2017-03-30 19:51:07193 Kb
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